Mika Enriquez / USA

While biking to Ke Ga from Mui Ne I passed by this guy on the road and thought he was a local because he was covered up but it didn’t seem like it because he was tall. Hmmm..He was walking and hauling everything with him on a 2 wheel cart and he didn’t have a backpack like most travellers. I stopped at a restaurant to eat lunch and he happened to stop there as well.

Apparently this guy „Rico“ WALKED ALL THE WAY FROM GERMANY TO VIETNAM in 2 years. So far he’s walked 14,000 kms/8,699 miles. 17 countries (?)..He’s heading south then going to Cambodia. I thought cyclists were hardcore but this is super badass! I was thinking to myself WTF.. I can’t even believe it. He has one more year to go he says but who knows